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Assunta Waldburg

Stuttgart born, Berlin bred, Paris educated and of dual nationality, Assuntas art is just as diverse as her road to Artisdom has been. Once determined to become a painter, her first artistic steps are still very much apparent in all her works. Assunta redefines the means of “creating a photograph”, using digital and analogue techniques to fuse the romanticism of painting and the realism of photography. She manipulates light sources to create dreamlike effects, continually exploring new techniques to push her work further. Every picture is deeply personal and has its own story. Especially her documentations of private festivities as well as her filmed interviews and documentations about the rich life stories of World War II survivors are deeply appreciated for Assuntas emotional, yet still professional approach and especially her discretion.


2017   Photography for Scale Munich, as Part of RAWPlace

           Photography for the Opening of the new KinderHaus Harare, PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung, in collaboration with Janine               Egger

           Photography for Project Simbabwe: Initiative Rising Star, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen.

2016   Lens Culture Online Portfolio.

2015   MIFA Internet publication.


           Newspaper Review, General Anzeiger Bonn “Landpartie”.

2014   MIFA and Angkor Festival Internet publications.

2013   Horst and Edeltraut Magazine selected as 'Young Talent' featured short Interview.

2012   Notorious Magazine online feature of Jewelry editorial for Angelika Waldstein.

2011   Royals Magazine. Publication two-page spread of portraits of Le Prince et La Princesse de France «Le Charme irrésistible du petit Gaston de France».

2010   ‘Katharinas Reisen', Gerald Hochschild. Finalist for illustrating children’s psychology book.

2009   ‘Das Labor des Johannes’, Alois Graf von Waldburg-Zeil. Illustration of the book


2014 - 

2010   Bachelor of Fine Art- Photography Major  from “Parsons The New School”, New York in Paris.

2009   Atelier of Art – Parsons á Paris: Intensive Painting program in preparation for artistic career.

2008   Atelier Hourdé, Paris – One year intensive portfolio building.

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